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Identify and Grow the Skills Your Organization Needs to Succeed

Understanding current skills and future needs should be a breeze. Maintain a repository of your skill needs, team member proficiencies, and the gaps you need to close. Foster a learning culture with refreshed and individualized resources for each role and level in your organization.

Your Organization Has Untapped Potential

Many organizations don't have a clear understanding of the skills that exist within their workforce. Without a comprehensive skills inventory, it's difficult to identify skills gaps, allocate resources effectively, or plan for the future.


The pace of technological innovation is unprecedented and continues to accelerate. As a result, the lifespan of many skills, particularly technical ones, has shortened. Organizations struggle to keep their workforce's skills up-to-date and relevant in such a fast-paced environment. 


There's a widening gap between the skills that employers need and the skills that employees have. This gap can result in lower productivity, reduced competitiveness, and difficulty achieving strategic goals. Organizations are finding it difficult to attract and retain employees with high-demand skills.

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Unleash Potential with our Breakthrough Skills Management Solution

Skill Requirements

Maintain a single repository of the skills and competencies required for each of your teams and roles. Supplement that with the core competencies that are central to the long-term success of your organization.


Skills Inventory

Identify and catalog the skills of each team member. Develop a comprehensive database that will serve decision-making and provide insights into development and hiring needs. 


Skills Gap Analysis

Once you know both which skills you need and which you have, conduct a skills gap analysis to identify where there are shortages or gaps that need to be addressed.



Recruit smarter and data-driven with a better understanding of your team composition and needs. Avoid duplication of skills, and fill gaps with the right new hires. 


Learn & Develop

Use AI to define personalized goals and development plans. Connect each teammate to resources that will enable them to develop their skills, and grow their careers. 

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Say Goodbye to Skills Gaps

For the first time, get a deep understanding of your team’s skills and desired learning paths. Companies that get smarter about managing and deploying their talent pool will have a competitive advantage. 


Get a guided tour of the platform & a free consultation to build your skills development program.

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