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Performance Management that Aligns Individual and Company Success

Performance management needs to evolve into an ongoing alignment of company, manager, and team members, calibrating employee satisfaction and workplace productivity. Outdated tools and old processes are getting in the way of building trust and loyalty. We’ve created a new method to give team members and managers ways to approach performance reviews.

Performance management can be so much more than a necessary evil

OKRs & KPIs are popular frameworks intended to align employees with the overall corporate mission. This type of goal setting cascades from senior management to entry-level employees. Top-down approaches to goals often leave employees with low job satisfaction as they try to fit their tasks into directives handed to them from their corporate leaders, as opposed to providing opportunities for them to grow and develop. Often these tasks end up being abandoned until review periods. 

Our bottom-up approach realigns company and individual success. With new tools for team members, managers and Human Resources, new approaches for the org, and a reimagination of the performance review process, Teamatics is the most advanced performance management solution available. 

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Turning the Broken Performance Review Process on Its Head

Set Clear Expectations

Provide clarity on organizational definitions of success and how best to advance and get promoted. Enter expectations for each job, have our white-glove customer success team upload them for you, or utilize our AI to generate a draft. Let each of your people know exactly what is expected of them.


Evaluate & Give Feedback

Share and access granular 360° feedback on each element of job expectations. Automatically identify growth opportunities. Use AI-drafted performance reviews that incorporate your team’s performance data to provide accurate and bias-free insights into what each person is doing well and where they can improve.

Learn & Develop

Use AI to define personalized goals and development plans. Connect each teammate to resources that will enable them to develop their skills, and grow their careers.

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People power your business. We empower your people

Let’s make performance reviews better. Unify job expectations, continuous feedback, performance reviews, goal setting, and career & skill development. Streamline this process with modern, AI-powered technologies. 


Get a guided tour of the platform & a free evaluation of your performance management program.

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