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Help Your Team Accomplish Their Career Goals

Team members and managers alike are planning for their future. Provide collaborative tools that promote their progress while differentiating your organization by showing you care.

Career Paths as an Attraction and Retention Engine

63% of employees leave their jobs due to no opportunities for advancement (Source: Pew Research). Employees are not only seeking competitive salaries and benefits, but also opportunities for growth and advancement. To address this, businesses need to place a greater emphasis on creating clear career paths and providing resources for skill development. 


Human Resources teams are so strapped that creating individual development plans, personalized career paths, and mentorship or training programs, all with transparent and equitable communication, are only tasks they could tackle with more resources.

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Prioritize Career Development, Power it with AI

Establish Career Pathways

Share role progression, skill development, and experience requirements for each role in your organization in a snap. Communicate clear expectations to each employee. Give them the support they need to progress to the next level. Retain talent by building confidence in your people that they have opportunities and upward trajectories. 


Mentor & Coach

Identify growth opportunities both at the individual and team levels. Create individualized career paths. Help managers and mentors focus their efforts on the areas that will best accelerate career growth, maximizing impact organization-wide. 

Learn & Develop

Use AI to define personalized goals and development plans. Connect each teammate to resources that will enable them to develop their skills, and grow their careers.

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Revitalize Your Career Management Program

Guide your team towards their highest career aspirations. Infused with robust career paths, growth opportunities, access to learning resources, and integrated with your learning management system, Teamatics revolutionizes career planning. 

Get a guided tour of the platform & a free consultation to build your career development program.

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