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Subscription Pricing

Teamatics Core

Everything required to set up and administer Teamatics including unlimited admin users, integrations, manager access, and reporting

$4 / User

Job Descriptions and Career Paths

Provide clarity on the responsibilities, experience, skills and competencies required for each team member to be successful in their job and show how they can grow into the next steps on their career path 

+ $2 / User

Growth Plans

Building off opportunities in their current job or career path, or by choosing their own areas of desired growth, enable team members to specify how they will develop and track their progress and accomplishments

+ $1 / User

Skill and Certification Tracking

Always understand which team members have proficiency in which areas and who possesses the certifications that matter to your organization

+ $1 / User

* User defined as team member with access to Teamatics enabled

* Prices in USD and per month with annual up-front billing

* Monthly credit card billing available for additional 30%

* Skill and Certification Tracking included in license of Job Descriptions and Career Paths at no extra cost when required to support the latter module

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