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Prioritize Manager Effectiveness by Equipping Them with  Modern Tools

Performance management, career development, and skills development initiatives are most successful with buy-in from managers. Onboard them onto a new platform that will help them effectively develop their team.

Managers ask for more support. Our platform makes it easy. 

Managers play a crucial role in employee engagement and company success. They often struggle with having easy and effective conversations related to performance and career development. Here’s how Human Resources can make it simple for teams and managers.

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Team Development for the 21st Century

Set Clear Expectations

Align managers and team members on job expectations, goals, definitions of success, and career progressions. Facilitate open conversation about career planning and support managers in 1:1s with helpful insights into growth opportunities and wishes.


Evaluate & Give Feedback

Request and provide continuous 360° feedback on the most important aspects of each person’s role. Support manager and team member development conversations. 


AI-drafted Performance Reviews

Generate detailed performance reviews in moments with AI and a single repository for all employee feedback data. No more tedious hours wasted completing annual reviews. 

Manager Insights

Automate identification of team member growth opportunities. Combine manager-only notes with continuous 360° feedback to enrich performance reviews. Support promotion requests with supporting data.

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When Your Managers Succeed, You Succeed

Manager effectiveness is a top priority for most organizations. Access purpose-built technology that will help them successfully grow and develop their team members. See how our platform helps your managers succeed. 


Get a guided tour of the platform.

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