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HRIS platforms are the "record of truth" for an organization's team members. And a key to Teamatics' success as a SaaS platform is the ability to integrate with existing data sets within our client's organizations. So for our clients with HRIS platforms, an integration between Teamatics and the HRIS is pretty near an imperative.

While there are many potential HRIS platforms to choose...

At Teamatics, we are very focused on skills. They are central to our vision of developing happier, more engaged team members that comprise and create successful organizations.

We have been working on a significant initiative to better inform skill proficiencies through the myriad of assessments, tests, certification exams, etc. that so many of our clients utilize today, and which oft...

A couple weeks ago I came across an article that LinkedIn posted regarding data indicating the most promising jobs and in-demand skills for 2018. About this same time my 8th grader was applying for a specialized high school, and having to make some decisions about the specific programs he wanted to enter. While it feels awfully early to me for a 13 year old to have to consider these...

This has been a year of increasing conversation around the future of work. The pace at which technology has affected our jobs and skill requirements has escalated considerably. Discussion about how technology - AI, automation, and more - will impact those requirements is at an all-time high.

I tend to agree with the experts that believe there will be enough work for our increasing po...

At the annual IT Nation conference earlier this month I had the pleasure of not only hearing Patrick Lencioni speak about The Ideal Team Player but was also fortunate to spend a little time talking to him in person. Over the years I've read several of his books and they've served me incredibly well. In particular The Five Dysfunctions of a Team became a mantra for how I've thought a...

With Q4 well underway and the holidays rapidly approaching, 2018 planning is front and center for many companies. Goals are being defined, the tactics to achieve them are being outlined, and supporting budgets are being formulated.

As leaders think about their plans for next year, there is a critical, but often overlooked, question that they should ask themselves: Do we have the skil...

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BambooHR Strategic Partnership and SSO Integration

May 16, 2018

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