How We Work Together

Teamatics provides a cloud subscription service, with no setup fees, a free plan that meets the needs of most customers, and a commitment to your success.

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We work closely with each of our customers to help you successfully onboard onto the Teamatics platform. This includes advising on initial teams or departments to onboard, putting in place or assisting with integrations, and providing templates to load your data.

Set up team members, teams and jobs

​To get started, either utilize one of our integrations, such as with BambooHR, to pull your team members, teams and jobs into Teamatics OR provide us a list of team members with emails, job titles and teams, which we will then import on your behalf.

Set up skills and certifications 

If you have an existing list of skills and/or certifications you wish to track, or a competency framework, we'll provide a template you can use to prepare it for import into Teamatics. You can also directly enter and manage skills and certifications within the administrative interface.

Initiate assessments

Once this data is entered or loaded, enable team member self-assessments. This can be done team-by-team or for your entire organization. Each team member will receive a personalized assessment survey where they can specify their skill proficiencies, passions, areas of desired development, and certifications. Your managers and administrators can optionally assess each employee as well.

Identify opportunities

Once self-assessments are completed, your administrators and managers can target team members for project and job assignments based upon skill sets and certifications possessed. You are also provided visibility into areas in which your team members and managers desire skill development and into certifications team members wish to obtain.

Set goals

With desired development identified, your team members work with their managers to set and track the goals that will help them focus on the next milestone in their career development roadmap and the timelines that will keep the objectives front of mind.


Resources and guidance

As team members work to develop skills, Teamatics helps them connect to colleagues in your organization that can provide expertise or that share a passion or wish to develop a skill.


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