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Our integration synchronizes the teams, jobs and team members that you already maintain in BambooHR with Teamatics. As you add, update and remove them from BambooHR, Teamatics is automatically updated, allowing you to spend your time helping your people grow, not double-entering employee information.

Our integration pushes team member skill proficiencies from Teamatics into FinancialForce, enabling you to route work using up-to-date and accurate skill profiles. We also sync the team members that you already maintain in FinancialForce with Teamatics.

So as you add, update and remove them from FinancialForce,

Teamatics is automatically updated.

Our integration enables your team members to single sign-on (SSO) into Teamatics from Okta using OpenID Connect or SAML, saving them from having to maintain separate authentication credentials for Teamatics.

Additional HRIS, PSA and skill assessment platform integrations are being developed.

Please contact us if there is an integration you would like to see.

Interested in exploring further?

Contact us today to learn more about how Teamatics can help your organization.

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