Know them to grow them

Understand the strengths, interests and passions of your people

to effectively target job and project assignments and focus career development

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Engage Your Team

The sense of purpose among your team members increases when they are given the opportunity to grow, especially when they can see how their development contributes to the success of your organization.

Teamatics has transformed the way Point B thinks about talent

Jill Going, Managing Director of People, Point B

Step 1

Team members assess strengths, interests and passions

Step 2

Opportunities for growth are identified and development goals are set


Skills are developed through optimal job and project assignments and targeted learning opportunities

Always understand who is able to do what

We help you track the current skills and certifications of each of your team members and, optionally, candidates in your job pool.

Need someone with a specific set of skills for a job opening or a project? Teamatics is your go-to resource.

Help your team members develop their skills

We provide clear visibility into the areas your people want and need to grow. 


Want to focus learning and development efforts in the right area? Teamatics helps you prioritize for each individual, team and across the entire organization.

Help your managers be effective guides

We help you provide managers with a clear understanding of where each team member is at, where they want to go, and how they wish to get there.


Would you like your managers to more effectively develop their people? Teamatics helps them to be guides, providing the insights, resources, coaching and motivation that their employees need to achieve their career development goals.

Teamatics is a subscription-based, cloud platform that assists you in cataloging the skills and certifications of your organization and focusing the learning and development efforts of your people.

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