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Career Development Evolved

Teamatics offers a single solution for all your talent development needs so your people can grow their careers within your organization

Attract and Retain Top Performers

Improve Employee Experience

Close Skills Gaps

Teamatics has transformed the way Point B thinks about talent.

Jill Going, Managing Director of People, Point B

Get everyone on the same page and focus employee development by:

  • setting clear expectations,

  • capturing 360 degree feedback,

  • and identifying skills gaps

Three Steps To Closing Skills Gaps

Step 1

Publish your career development framework, or use an AI-created draft we provide, to set expectations

Step 2

Combine manager input, self-assessments and 360 degree feedback to identify development opportunities

Step 3

Build individual development plans to close skills gaps

Teamatics helps you:

  • Provide clarity on current expectations and visibility into future opportunities 

  • Enable employee-driven growth with focused goal setting, manager collaboration, and peer feedback

Make Career Development A Win For Everyone

Teamatics focuses employee development so your people are more successful in their current roles and better prepared to advance within your organization.


They benefit, their managers benefit and the company benefits.

Help Your Managers Be More Successful

Teamatics provides your managers with a clear understanding of where each individual is at, where they want to go, and how they wish to get there.


Help facilitate on-going growth-focused collaboration between managers and their team members.

Get A Return On Your Career Development Assets

Teamatics is the centralized repository for your career development frameworks, job descriptions, career ladders, skill inventories, individual development plans, and certification tracking.


Make all of your career development assets accessible, actionable, and up-to-date.

Don't have a career development framework? Ask us how we use the latest AI technology to create a draft unique to your organization.

Teamatics is a subscription-based cloud platform that assists you in developing the careers of your people.

Interested in exploring further?

Contact us today to learn more about how Teamatics can transform how you think about career development.

Thank you!

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