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BambooHR Strategic Partnership and SSO Integration

HRIS platforms are the "record of truth" for an organization's team members. And a key to Teamatics' success as a SaaS platform is the ability to integrate with existing data sets within our client's organizations. So for our clients with HRIS platforms, an integration between Teamatics and the HRIS is pretty near an imperative.

While there are many potential HRIS platforms to choose from, we chose BambooHR as our first integration partner. Their story, their platform, and their target market were so aligned with Teamatics that it was a natural first step. As importantly, our mutual clients are raving fans of BambooHR.

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In late 2017, we built our first integration with BambooHR. That initial implementation automatically added and removed team members from Teamatics via the BambooHR API.

Fast forward into early 2018 and the conversations with BambooHR had taken a more strategic turn. The mutual benefits of each platform were clear. BambooHR is first class at what they do, and many of their clients needed to think more strategically about their employees Skills and Career Tracks. As a result, we have entered into a more strategic partnership with BambooHR and are now listed in the BambooHR Marketplace.

Today we not only integrate with BambooHR to pull user data but also support BambooHR's SSO integration, so employees do not need separate credentials for Teamatics and can log in directly from BambooHR. We continue to work with BambooHR on future integration features that will allow our mutual clients to have the most seamless experience possible.

To learn more about Teamatics and our integration with BambooHR, please schedule a demo with us.


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