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Identifying Your Ideal Team Players

At the annual IT Nation conference earlier this month I had the pleasure of not only hearing Patrick Lencioni speak about The Ideal Team Player but was also fortunate to spend a little time talking to him in person. Over the years I've read several of his books and they've served me incredibly well. In particular The Five Dysfunctions of a Team became a mantra for how I've thought about the inner workings of my various teams ever since. When my cofounder and I launched Teamatics we spent significant time discussing Lencioni's books. You could say "Dysfunctions" was one of our founding documents!

As we have discussed competency frameworks with several companies over the past several months, many have struggled to put into words the core values and soft skills they wish to possess across their organization. In Lencioni's description of the core values required to create "the ideal team player" (which are also the core values of his consultancy The Table Group), we found an excellent starting point for many of our clients and prospects. Lencioni's Ideal Team Player is hungry, humble and people smart. Starting with just these three competencies, our clients are able to gain a quick understanding of the degree to which they have in place the pieces they need to build a great team.

I'm thankful for the opportunities I have to glean bits of intelligence from some of the smartest people in the world. Serving on the Advisory Council of ConnectWise has afforded me opportunities I do not take for granted. Although I have sold my managed services business and launched a cloud software start-up, I remain extremely thankful to be part of the IT Nation. I'm already looking forward to next November!

In the meantime, I'm super excited to work closely with our clients and prospects at Teamatics. As they take steps to understand and improve the skills and competencies of their organizations, I get some of the same satisfaction that I suspect Patrick Lencioni must get when he talks with a business leader like myself whom he has impacted in such a big way.


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